Good People Consulting

We are a digital creative agency.
We focus on technology,
design, and consulting.

We take a product development approach - helping you create valuable product that people will love to use.

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We are a people-first, creative digital agency. We dedicate time to user experience so that we can best understand how people engage with brands digitally, which allows us to create personalized experiences that build loyalty and win hearts. It's a win-win, every time.

mobile apps


Writing bullet-proof code that runs smoothly and securely across multiple platforms.


We believe that custom software should be beautiful, reliable, easy to use, and a good return on your investment.


Our designers and app developers will help you prioritize features, plan releases, and make smart decisions.

Software is everywhere today, and so are we—creating seamless user experiences that cross multiple devices.

Our Work Process

Product Development + User-Centered Design + Software Development

With our expertise and your market knowledge, we can create a software product that transforms the way you do business. We’ll be by your side from idea development to launch—and beyond.

Different Stages

Our products & services are crafted with the utmost care to fulfill your needs.


Helping you answer the question, "What exactly should I build?"


Creating beautiful, easy-to-use interfaces that delight users and make your company look great.


Writing bullet-proof code that runs smoothly and securely across multiple platforms.


Getting your product to people—with minimum hassle.


Keeping your product in top shape with block-of-time support contracts so we can respond quickly to your needs.

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Chicago, IL

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